2012-12-12 Arbolí, El Dard   Leave a comment

Yesterday’s rest day was excellent – sunny, cloudless, windless, & warm whereas today was cloudy and cold, the sun not making it through to give us so much as a hint of a shadow.  El Dard usually a sun-trap is cold today, and we battle through the 6a warm-up of the alpine and not so good Curtica No Era Tant.  Now I’m opening Mr. Krec, 7b and hang at the crux vertical crack.  The secret is laybacking with high feet, I hang again at the top of the crack then finish it up.  Claudio has Marginao, 7c almost ready to send but the cold numbs our toes – today isn’t the day.  He cleans its 40mtrs and so I’m on my redpoint attempt of Krec.  Getting my right foot up with knee pointing out spits me off the wall half way up the crux, I need to do it knee facing in, so lower down immediately.  Clau tries it, hanging a few times, and then I send it, and with just enough time for him to send it too.  A very nice route.

6a   7b   7b   7b


Posted 2012/12/12 by allend66 in Arboli, El Dard, Rockclimbing

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