2012-12-15 Arbolí, El Dard   Leave a comment

Plenty of routes still to do in this good but hard sector.  The only other time I tried Misty Flowers, 7a I nearly onsighted it, no mean feat considering at the time I had yet to onsight my first 7a.  Unfortunately, I fell on it, not even trying a move, I had reached the jug at the roof, clipped and then was chalking up each hand and trying to recover strength, but something happened and down I went.  Flowers though is a hard 7a, very thin and sustained climbing, there’s not really a let up and today I fall before the roof.  Send denied.

Misty Flowers, 7a

With my sore finger now taped up, we try the hard 15mtr 6c+, Txus i Txart – not worth repeating, and we move on to La Purísima Ascensión, 7b which starts nice.  There’s a ledge half way at the start of the crux, and I find it very difficult.  I don’t have it worked out, and think it would take a few tries.  Above this more nice climbing till the chain.  I’ll come back to this line another day.

7a   6c+   7b


Posted 2012/12/15 by allend66 in Arboli, El Dard, Rockclimbing

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