2012-12-26 Siurana, Salt De La Reina Mora   Leave a comment

We had planned on swooping down to Esperó and mopping up the excellent Papágora, 7b+ – I even had the tagline ready for the Facebook post (PapáNoel), but after Christmas there’s a lot of people here so we choose a quieter sector – Reina Mora, and a good chance for me to get back on Anys Bionics, 7b+.  After warming up on 3D, 6b we get on Bionics, and horror – just at the crux, someone has pulled off the good side-pull left hand.  It’s even harder now.  I struggle and leave it, though Richard beasts his way up it nicely.

3D, 6b

Xavier & I struggle on the 7a, Pandora (second pitch) and I repeat Perigeo, 7a it not being so nice the second time, probably because it was getting dark and I again miss a relatively straight forward send.  Pedro finishes on a high though, he sends the over-graded Dimoni Banyat, graded as 8a in the guide, but more likely weighing in at a hefty 7c, maybe 7c+.

6b   7b+   6b,7a   7a


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