2013-01-30 Siurana, Esperó Primavera   Leave a comment

11 weeks ago I had the brilliant Papágora, 7b+ ready to send, but with rain, overcrowding, illness and various other circumstances it was shelved.  So it was with gusto to return to it today with Claudio.  I forego a warm up, remembering the rests on the classic and get straight to work.  But some of the details were forgotten and I’m relearning the high right foot – long move at the 7th bolt.  I also have to polish the little crimpy section just below the crux.  Just below the chain too was the right hand side pull that needs to be taken with the feet as high as possible.

A second try is fluffed at the double under-cling, but it’s all good mileage.  Claudio hangs a few times on it, but is impressed.  I love this route, it’s quality.

Papagora, 7b+

A warm down on Marieta De L’Ull Viu, 6a+ to finish, next time we’ll warm up on this then get on Papágora.

7b+   7b+   6a+


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