2013-02-02 Siurana, L’Herbolari   Leave a comment

Too much wind to do much today, it was gusting hard nearly everywhere.  Paco, Chema, Martita & Cristian are braving it in the Herb Garden, we warm up on Romaní, 6b and then I’m trying my next 7b+, Aitxitxe Calamitate but with a blocky move on a bulge overhang up to the crack, I’m casting flies all be it without the waders.  There’s some beautiful moves on this strong route though, and it was a good job I took the clip-stick up with me instead of leaving it on a draw, because the wind made it feel even more exposed and difficult.  Definitely closer to 7c than 7b, I’ll retry this one too when conditions are better.

With the wind comes the cold, and I’m moving down the wall to keep in the sunlight, though Paco is falling off a 6b+ in the shade – brrrr!  So we do Azukiki, 6a and it’s nice, I just don’t know why it was stopped at 20mtrs when there’s another 20 above it.  Maybe I’ll have to get myself a drill…

6b   7b+   6a


Posted 2013/02/04 by allend66 in L'Herbolari, Rockclimbing, Siurana

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