2013-02-05 Ca La Sofia Rocodrome Extension   Leave a comment

A bit late in coming, but hopefully worth it… the roped lines in Maspujols’ very own rocodrome, Ca La Sofia are now more or less done.  We’ll continue to tweak them, I’d like to swap over two lime green holds to make the short 7a less painful, and we’re working on using the layback feature with the odd purple hold, but it isn’t a priority at the moment.  So, here’s a list of routes.  All grades are proposed, but fairly accurate:

  • Blue, 5+
  • Dark Green, 6a
  • Yellow, 6a+ (direct), 6a+/b (right hand sit start)
  • Red (right hand sit start only), 6b+
  • Salmon, 6b+/c
  • Lime Green, 6c+/7a
  • Purple + Features, ??


And the topo:  This shows all minus the new lime green and purple routes, and the right hand sit start for the yellow and red lines.  This topo, along with the boulder problems used for last year’s BOCS, and this year’s Interclub Bouldering Competition, or “Lliga De Boulder Intercentres De La IV Vegueria 2013” can be downloaded here

2013-01-10 Roped Lines

More news about the upcoming 2013 Lliga de Boulder in which we are organising to come soon…


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