2013-02-07 Montsant, Raco De Misa   Leave a comment

Crisp and cold conditions in Raco De Misa, but with sun it’s excellent.  Climb in the shade though…

2013-02-07 07 Raco De Misa

We warm up on Nanses Del Priorat, 6c which I should have flashed but the pump got to me.  You really need to be comboing Montsant’s pocket pulling with Siurana’s crimp style climbing, otherwise you suffer.  Now on to my project, the nice Catalonia Is Not Patagonia, 7b 37mtrs of quality. 

There’s some solid 6c climbing, a delicate monofinger sequence at the half way ledge and then more 6c/+ ground till the crux at the bulge at around 30mtrs.  Fortunately, there’s a nice rest just below it, so you can recover, but the crux spat me off again.  Then trying to work the best way to do it, I rip off a flap of skin on my 3rd finger right hand on a sharp deep pocket after the crux but on hard ground.  Once stopped bleeding, I gnaw off the flapper but I don’t feel like taping it up to retry, so I’m done for the day.  Miki strips it for me, it becoming a nice project for him too.

Catalonia Is Not Patagonia, 7b

Pedro crushes Hidrofobia, 8a and I give him a catch on Curt, 7b+ and we hike down in fading sun though you don’t notice the 4 degrees till you’re in shade.

6c   7b


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