2013-02-13 Chulilla, Cañaveral   Leave a comment

Not really a good day today.  The sector is nails hard – there’s only 1*6b+, 1*6c+, 1*7a+, 1*7b then 7c+ and 8s.  Javilongo (who onsighted Los Franceses, 7b+) falls on the 7a while I abandon a shitty slopery polished 6c+, Cañas y Barro.  Horrible.  So we move down to the first line, El Pistolero Real, 6b+ which was such a change, it was so beautiful and not polished, one could only think it was new but the presence of bolts below the bridge would indicate the opposite: that the line existed before they built a bridge.  A brilliant 40mtrs.

El Pistolero Real, 6b+   El Pistolero Real, 6b+

When shade and cold arrives we start following the river around to an old favourite, OasisCristian retries Miguel Gomez, 7a and comments how more polished it is since we were last here in September.  I just start up Fraganoide, 6b+ when the news arrives that some ass-wipe has broken into our, and another van in the parking.  I clean the route later with Javilongo who was crushing further down the wall.


There’s a lot of routes here to try and the next sector Chorreras, but next time we’ll leave a rabid pit-bull hidden in the vehicle.

6b+   6b+   Photos

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