2013-02-14 Chulilla, Muro De Las Lamentaciones   Leave a comment

This sunny crag (till around 1pm) has a lot to offer and I’m back here with Yaro, Alicia & Cristian while Javilongo & Maca are fannying about in Competición.  I fail to flash a hard and frankly terrifying 6c, Presiscrack as a warmer.  The sloper layback was OK, but the traverse out right onto a loose boulder that sounds like it’s going to fall at any moment humbled me.  After this the last few moves to clip the chain were thin too.  Kudos to Yaro & Alicia for the sends.

Presiscrack, 6c

Now I’m on the very beautiful La Costra Nostra, 6b+ and the climbing is perfect.  The route has everything, slopers, jugs, pockets, even vertical crack and layback.  A very complete and fulfilling climb, top quality.  Cristian too sends it and lowers very happy.  Taking advantage of the shade now in the middle of the wall – it’s very hot in direct sunlight, I onsight another perfect route, Ibiza Conexion, 6b+.  With the crux coming after 33mtrs of beautiful climbing, the last bolt is a tad thin to quickdraw (ok to clip if draw is already there) and then a few thin moves up to the chain.  Incredible.

La Costra Nostra, 6b+   Ibiza Conexion, 6b+

We head down with only 3*35mtr routes done but we’re tired and very very satisfied.  Time for slack-lining and a quick dip in the river in the fading sun…

2013-02-14 10b River

6c   6b+   6b+   Photos

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