2013-02-26 Siurana, Siuranella Central   Leave a comment

Madrileños Sergio, Manu & Lorenzo are with me in a rather crowded Central, it’s cold, it had snowed but all the routes are of course dry and nice.  It’s nearly always breezy too on this exposed corner of rock, but with the sun people still climb shirtless.  In La Berruga, we do Filiprim, 6a+ & Gruyére, 6b two very nice climbs, then we head up to the main sector.  While Lorenz & Manu are ticking both 6a, Sergio onsights the short but powerful Si Vas Nikel Fas Tard, 7a+ but I can’t send it.  After this we try the recommended La Refinería, 7b+ and it is a beauty.  It’s difficult from the 3rd till the 7th bolt, eases off till the last 2 bolts on the vertical slab, and then tweaks again.  There’s also some very loose chunks of rock that have chalk Xs on them – I think it would be better if someone got rid of them – they would definitely kill someone.

La Refineria, 7b+

A nice project this one, but needs a lot of work.  To finish I open El Mareao, 6a for Manu to retry.

6a+   6b   7a+   7b+   6a


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