2013-02-27 Siurana, Espero Primavera   Leave a comment

With Papágora, 7b+ on my mind, I show Esperó Primavera to the boys from Madrid.  It’s difficult trying to combo easy routes and more difficult routes, but Esperó is a nice sector (if a little polished) and while Lorenzo & Manu do Primera Linea, 6a Sergio & I do Records Oblidats, 6b.  Sergio onsights the mighty Remena Nena, 7a but I pass, it’s very nice but I have it and I’m saving my strength for my project.  And so we’re onto it.

Papagora, 7b+

Sergio gets to the crux ok but misses the onsight.  I miss the send as well, annoyingly I should have had this months ago, though it’s not so annoying as it’s simply a brilliant route and a pleasure to repeat it.

Later I open Primavera, 5+ for Manu and realise I didn’t take draws up with me so miss the last 4 bolts.  Never have I climbed so carefully!

6b   7b+   5+

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