2013-03-03 Arbolí, El Falcó   Leave a comment

Grand sector, I open the mighty 40mtr Haber Pedido Muerte, 6c+ to warm up.  I’ll definitely buy an 80mtr rope next time I renew.  I try the very nice looking Pa Ella Y Pa Los Guiris, 7a+ to the right.  Very nice but I don’t send it.  It’s fairly straight forward till the roof crux, then it’s very physical and a little polished.  I work it a little, but decide to strip it as I don’t think one more try will get me the redpoint, and it will destroy me for the rest of the day.

Pa Ella Y Pa Los Guiris, 7a+   El Cagat, 7b   Pere Mata, 6c

Alvaro is fighting Haber Pedido, and Oscar & Guillem on La Millor De… 6c.  I take advantage of a top-rope on El Cagat, 7b but it’s difficult.  After this I open the sustained and difficult 6c, Pere Mata and then finish the day with another difficult 6c, Melissa.

6c+   7a+   7b   6c   6c


Posted 2013/03/07 by allend66 in Arboli, El Falco, Rockclimbing

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