2013-03-08 Siurana, L’Herbolari   Leave a comment

Time to pay another visit to this sector since big Dave, Tali & Miki have put up new routes.  Xavier & I chill out on Cicuta, 6a and Materia Fosca, 6a and then I try Tali’s new 6b+, Semprevivum to the left of Farigola.  It has a bouldery start and veers up left which I misread.  There’s a thin middle section and the whole route is quite sustained.  Worthwhile.

Money For Nothing, 7a

Now round to the far left of the sector, I like Miki’s Brain Storming, 6b+ (left) and Money For Nothing, 7a (right, shared anchor).  I need two tries to send the 7a which is super sharp and quite powerful, but really nice.  Maximum grip.

What else is new?  Bufa Bufa, 7b+ to the right of Trifasic,… Man, 7c+ in between the two 7c+ and Dave proposes 8a? for his long time coming Espeçies Envasores next to Cojón Prieto.  Good work from the usual suspects.

Especies Invasores, 8a?

6a   6a   6b+  6b+   7a   7a


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