2013-09-05 Peak District, Harpur Hill   Leave a comment

Warm up on Coral Seas, 6a a nice natural line with excellent grip, then onto the nice Apollo Creed, 6b which I blew by going off route.  Lowering down I send sin problema and Mat redpoints taking my beta.  Now onto the best line of the crag, a 2 star Prophecy, 7a which is quite pumpy.  Hard start, sustained, hard roof crux, more sustained climbing but a nice route.  As I’m not going to send it today I decide to strip it.  I’d need a good day on this to link all the moves, but when I’m feeling stronger maybe I’ll take another look at it.  The last climb sees me trying Cairn, 6c+ but it feels harder.  It’s polished which doesn’t help and I’m tired.

Coral Seas, 6a   Apollo Creed, 6b   Prophecy, 7a  

6a   6b   7a   6c+

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