2013-10-09 Stanage Edge & Stoney Middleton   Leave a comment

Stanage was cold and windy when we arrived.  We geared up to do Right Unconquerable, HVS 5a but the rock left our fingers and toes numb with cold. 

DSCF5492   DSCF5493

An almost onsight and an almost flash before we move down the crag to do a VS 4b but halfway up the route rain blew in and soaked everything.  We bail rather damp and relocate to Stoney Middleton, changing grit for limestone.  I wasn’t optimistic when we parked, more spots of rain, but upon arrival at the crag we see some lovely new staples!  A quick search at Gary Gibson’s Sportsclimbs website and we’re in business.  I open an unnamed #22, 6a+ and a very nice Creamsnatcher, 6b.  Both around 20 meters, both 7 bolts with a double lower-off.  Looking forward to coming back here soon, as the long 6c look nice, and it would be nice to get back sending 7b+.

DSCF5497   DSCF5504

HVS 5a  VS 4b   6a+   6b

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