2013-10-18 Siurana, Grau Dels Massets   Leave a comment

So nice to be back on home turf.  I mean, technically I learnt to climb on trad gear, on cold & windy, usually damp British crags but then I went to Siurana and swapped nuts for bolts, and once you’ve lived in Siurana… I’m reminded of the scene in ‘Down And Out In Beverely Hills’ where the chump’s on all fours with his mug in a dog bowl. 

So I’m back at home now for 9 days and as always the weather’s awesome.  In fact too awesome.  The summer doesn’t want to let go so Grau Massets Camí is very hot for our 6a, Baronia De Cabacés warm up.  Afternoon shade begins here at 3-ish so it’s still early and sunny.  While Cristian and Victor are trying Es Algo, 7a (sent in last year’s August heat, 2nd try) I get on Bon Col·legui, 6c+ (flashed last year).  It’s an interesting climb.  Not my favourite grade, 6c+ but you occasionally get a treat.  Even at 31º.

20131018_132010   20131018_155702

Es Algo, 7a left & Bon Col·legui, 6c+ right.

6a  6c+   6c+

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