2013-10-23 Arbolí, Raco D’Emmanuelle   Leave a comment

Maybe the wrong choice of sector today as it was super hot.  There’s some nice things here though being honest it’s a crag with limited interest.  We warm up on Taraf! 6b and then onto Matsutake, 7aCristian was freaking a little on the 7a and cleaned it so I decided to jump on Barrenari, 7a+ which I sent rather comfortably last year 2nd try.  A good indicator on how (bad) my form is, I come off in the middle section, flap at the start of the arete, then fight the long move a couple of times up top just before the chain.  Wow.  Pumpathon.

Barrenari, 7a+   Matsutake, 7a

Seeing how I fought it, Cristian decides to reopen Matsutake but can’t stick the crux.  I decide to give it a go – this was my first 7a send back in the day, and I seem to remember it well. I forgot the long moves on the second slab, but it’s all good, I top out clean.  Inspired, Cristian uses my beta to retry it.  Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day, bou.

I stay with Victor and Mari Carmen to do the horribly sharp and bouldery 6c+, El Calorro.

El Calorro, 6c+   El Calorro, 6c+

6b   7a+  7a   6c+


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