2013-10-24 Siurana, Can Gans Dionis   Leave a comment

An easy cruisin’ day today only in the mid 6 grade.  Eto E Diferente, 6a+ to start and then onto Pero, XQ? 6b before we stop and rest from the heat.  It’s nice and got great adhesion.  The sun should have chilled out a bit by now late in the year but it’s still high 20’s / low 30’s.  Pitbulín, 6a (kudos on the name, David) shares its anchor with Benji, 6b+, both hard, and while Chema is bitch-slapped, I just about get it though it’s thin and tough.

Paco arrives to do Nunca Mais, 6a+ and we finish with Pimientos En Pepitoria, 6b and Paco being owned on the old school Esconderos Agujidos, 6c+.  I’ll just say it’s from 1985.  Nuff said.

I’ll leave you with a photo of Boys Don’t Cry, 7c classic in Isabel, taken on our way back to the car.  It’s on my long-term hit list.

2013-10-24 7 Ca L'Isabel   Boys Don't Cry, 7c

6a+   6b   6a   6b+   6a+   6b


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