2013-11-02 London England   Leave a comment

The Oracle is currently on a sabbatical in ‘The Smoke’, and not having any quality Spanish limestone (or conglomerate) to pull down on, has had to take out a 3-month membership to Westway Sports Centre’s extensive rocodrome.  An excellent facility, one of the country’s largest (according to their website), it even caters to the partnerless climber: Auto-belay machines.  With 4 such bits of kit, each one covering a panel of 4 routes of varying difficulty, it’s enough to keep you busy climbing instead of asking people if they have a partner, and would they kindly mind being your belay-bitch please.  I have to say though, the first time I tried it, I down-climbed all 20mtrs instead of trusting it and letting go.  Freaky.



Posted 2013/11/02 by allend66 in Rockclimbing

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