2013-11-16 Peak District, Masson Lees   Leave a comment

First time in this old quarry, and I’m very happy to note that it isn’t like the other quarries in the area – i.e shitty.  There’s no odd unnatural angles and cracks in the rock and the lines are generally quite good.  We stick to starred routes, so the chilblains didn’t seem so bad.

Who Sat On My Satsuma, 6a

Mr. Chinner is on crushing duty, I’m flashing and Mr. Holder is fannying about and generally doing the opposite of crushing.  Who Sat On My Satsuma, 6a was nice but I fell off the crux because I hadn’t opened my chalk bag and the greasy sloper owned me.  A Life Of Grime, 6a was a treat, as was the super easy till the last move Fun In The Sun, 6a+.

Who Sat On My Satsuma, 6a   A Life Of Grime, 6a  

Then we do the nice Moov Over and Wake Up Call, both 6b.  A nice 6a+ – one of the best climbs – Have A Cow was next and we warm down (though we couldn’t get much cooler) on Udderley, 5+

A Life Of Grime, 6a   Moov Over, 6b

All in all, a short on sunshine, big on fun day on some great easy routes.  We’ll come back here and look at the 7s on the other side…

6a   6a   6a+   6b   6b   6a+   5+


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