2013-12-30 Ca La Sofia   Leave a comment

Preparation work today in Sofia for the upcoming Lligueta de Bulder de la IV Veguería.  This year we have one more club taking part, making 5 clubs in total, with access to problems limited to 3 days of 1 week only per club.  But time is short so today instead of Siurana (sigh, so many projects…) we’re sorting out routes.  Three roped lines outside, and 7 boulder problems inside.

2013-12-30 06 Ca La Sofia

Today we have the 3 roped lines ready.  I managed to send all three of them so they can’t be that difficult:

Blue, 5+                     Yellow, 6a+               Green, 6c+

Via de Cuerda 1, 5    Via de Cuerda 2, 6a    Via de Cuerda 3, 6c

The yellow has an unseen sit start to the right, which adds around 5 or 6 moves to the line.  The green route is climbed without the left hand arête.

Topos here.


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