Climbing Logbooks–To Log Or Not To Log?…   Leave a comment

Half of my friends take note of the climbs they have done, half do not.  When I was getting into the rhythm of climbing most days I started to keep a list of climbs done.  This I started back in late 2010, well into my climbing career.  After careful investigation for appropriate software, I settled upon a freebie called TreeDBNotes

This was perfect, a tree-based database where I could really get into logging everything: Date, Country, Region, Area, Sector, Route, Grade, Quality, Length, Number of Bolts, Ascent, Notes, Orientation. 

tree3   tree2   tree1

Added to which I had links to all my scanned topos and guidebooks so clicking on a sector in my climbing history instantly opened the resulting sector’s topo (scanned into another tree).  I even have links from most dates to the corresponding folder of photos in My Pictures.  Nice.  Until it started to lag.  My list is now nearly 1500 entries, and with all the attachments and thumbnails, the file size has ballooned up to 50mb.  Just navigating around the table of climbs takes an age.  So now I’m looking at different programs.  Excel, Access, & OneNote from M$ Office, other note taking programs like Evernote, MyBase, and a few others, but I’m going back to OneNote 2013, though now that is starting to lag too.

I put up a few sends on but that wasn’t what I was looking for.  So I’m open to suggestions… I want a way to log all my climbing activity, with easy access (links) to photographs and route guides and topos, in a program that’s fast and is easy to find stuff in and correlate data.  Please leave comments and suggestions below.  Meanwhile, I’ll put up with a bit of lag…


Posted 2014/02/16 by allend66 in Rockclimbing

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