2014-03-09 Chee Dale, Blackwell Halt   Leave a comment

Finally a really nice day, so we check out a new sport sector in Chee Dale Upper, the pumpy Blackwell Halt.  With lots of flat ledges (think Siurana’s Can Melafots) and routes that are stiff in the grade, best not to come here if you’re rusty or out of shape.  The rock is nice though, but it’s getting polished in a few places, and this type of Peak limestone seems to be slippier than other types of polish.

We warm up on the tacked-on-at-the-end No Mail, 6a and then the upgraded to 6b, Windows 95She Got The Bosch, 6b had a nice crux sequence which I fully explained to my underling, though he wasn’t able to flash it.  Waste Bin, 6a+ was nice without a definite crux, just seemingly 16metres of 6a+ move after 6a+ move.  Never felt so pumped on only a 6a+ before!

Windows 95, 6b   She Got The Bosch, 6b

We move down to Blatant Buttress but with the train tracks right next to us we only did Pipistrelle, 6a then went back up.  The usual warm-up of the sector, Modem, 6a was wet and slimy on a key hold after the first bolt.  I try to climb around it using an awkward side pull – it’s only a 6a, but couldn’t, so spent 5 minutes drying out the hold then doing it.  An interesting sector.  Might not return here too soon, but it would be nice to mop up the untried routes.

We finish the day with a couple of 6a routes not really worth mentoning at Harpur Hill’s lower tier.


Posted 2014/03/12 by allend66 in Peak District, Rockclimbing

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