2014-03-15 Wye Valley, Tintern Quarry   Leave a comment

It’s a very large hole in the ground, and being a quarry the rock quality isn’t bullet-proof, but there are some nice long lines here.  On a lower tier, Thirty Foot Wall has some routes for the kids.  We go up to Jurrasic Wall in the corner though and find some beauties.  Classic Jurrasic, 6b+ was 35mtrs of pleasure, though I’d call it a 6b with the crux at two thirds on a slab.  A bit loose up top, belayers put your helmets on.  Very worth while.  Then the line of the sector was Raptor, 6b+ again at 35mtrs.  Very nice.  A nice sector with a couple routes still to do, but it has shade being nestled up tight in a corner.

Classic Jurrasic, 6b+   Raptor, 6b+

Over to Sunshine Wall where we have to wait… there’s only 5 routes but with more to come surely.  I onsight another beauty, Mistaken Identity, 6b+ again maybe more 6b than +, but no complaints, it was very nice.  With fading sun now only on the top half of the routes, we finish up with Rock Juggler, 6a+ and Phil In The Gaps, 6a.  A great day!

Mistaken Identity, 6b+

5+   6b+   6b+   6b+   6a+   6a


Posted 2014/03/19 by allend66 in Rockclimbing

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