2014-03-16 Woodcroft Quarry & Go Wall   Leave a comment

A quick stop back at Tintern Quarry, this time to enjoy the fleeting sun on Upper Red Dust Wall, we tick Pocketful Of Kryptonite, 6a, Dinosaurs Don’t Dyno, 6a+, and Ammonite, 6b all nice but hard for the grade. 

Tintern Quarry

The sun isn’t there for long though and we head on up the road to Woodcroft Quarry.  There was a nice looking line in the guidebook in Gunshot Sector, so I open the hard 6c, Blast From The Past.  Thin and technical, I didn’t send it but Mat got his crushing on.  Then the line next to it, Gunshot Wound To The Head, 6c+ which I found easier than the 6c!  Literally a one-move-wonder, this should be downgraded.  Nice but not 6c+.

Gunshot Wound To The Head, 6c+

Then we have a look at the 3-star mega route Heil Hitler! It weighs in at 4 pitches (7a, 6c, 7a, 4+) and 90mtrs but as soon as I get on it, it’s apparent that it hasn’t been climbed for ages, is dirty and hard.  The 2-bolt low crux baffles me, and above it steady 6b climbing, but we just do the first pitch and have it marked to do another day later in the year.  I finish with Never Say Never Again, 6b+, again dirty, but worthwhile.

Heil Hitler! 7a

6a   6a+   6b  6c   6c+   7a   6b+


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