2014-03-21 Arbolí, Can Simiro Izquierda   Leave a comment

Lucky enough to have a few days in Spain, though not quite lucky enough to have it sunny, warm and without wind, the climbing was nice but chilly.  I had climbed in this sector once before, but I remember nothing of it.  We warm up on Mighty Pennis, 6a+ quite pumpy for its 32mtrs,  and then we are eyeing the nice looking Agua De Fuego, 7aPaco opens it, gives us some crap beta, something about a RH gaston, LH cross over pinch, blah blah… Chema falls on it, I fall on it.  2nd try all the same, though I have a better method for doing it after my 2nd fail.  Forgetting the Gaston and directly taking the cross over pinch but now with my RH, it feels more logical and easier.  Then there’s a LH undercling, foot up and to the pocket to clip.  But I still fall after that.  Actually a very pumpy route, but we have fun with it.

Agua De Fuego, 7a

6a+   7a   7a


Posted 2014/04/07 by allend66 in Arboli, Can Simiro, Rockclimbing

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