2014-03-27 Arbolí, Can Simiro Izquierda   Leave a comment

A quick stopoff at Simiro Izquierda to see if we can bag the pumpy 7a, Agua De Fuego and the nice looking 7a+ next to it, No M’Enganys Mes.  So we warm up in the wind, Tu Vas A Lo Que Vas, 5 and Y Luego Pasa Lo Que Pasa, 6b+

I peel off the 6b+ but my heart isn’t in it.  I’ve got sniffles and a sore throat, though the line is nice.  Then we both have two tries on the 7a and fail to send it.  But we’ve got time to try Enganys and it is very nice.  Steady climbing up to the traverse up top.  This should be sent 2nd time, so I’ll have to come back when I’m not off form.  Recommended route.

No M'Enganys Mes, 7a+

5   6b+   7a   7a   7a+

Posted 2014/04/15 by allend66 in Arboli, Can Simiro, Rockclimbing

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