2014-04-09 Wales, Wyndcliff   Leave a comment

A new sector!  Always nice to see a nice new venue to play in, we spotted Wyndcliff when we were climbing at Woodcroft Quarry and Fly Wall & Go Wall in the Wye Valley.  Over the river Severn and going up the valley, it looked nice from far away.  And it’s not to bad close up either.  The lines are short – most are 10mtrs  with the longest routes at 23mtrs but the rock is nice and there are some nice problems here.

We start at the Lower Lift and speed through Same Old Story, 6a and One Tooth Short Of A Smile, 6a+ and the nice Finishing Touch, 6b.  Armed with my excellent beta, Mat ‘Off-Route’ Chinner fights the marvellous 6c, Diminishing Returns – a wonderful route. 

Diminishing Returns, 6c

Big Kev and Mat ‘Photo Bomb’ Robinson mop up a few routes at the end of the sector while we head up to the Upper Lift.  The nice looking meaty trad route Shin Gi Tai has been retro-bolted (something they should do with more trad routes) to give a chunky 6c if you finish left from the foot ledge at two-thirds, or 6c+ if you head right and finish up the thin crack.  The line of the crag?

Shin Gi Tai, 6c+

We also tick some other great routes: The End, 6a+, Chepstow Killer Appliances, 6a+, Better In Than Out, 6b+ and Sometimes I Won’t Thrill You.  Only in the 6 grade, but a great, full day!

6a   6a+   6b   6c   6c   6c+  6c+   6a+   6a+   6b+   6a+


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