2014-06-03 Grau Massets Esquerra   Leave a comment

A nice early morning start, and we are on Charlie I, 5+ with the sun on our T-shirted backs at 9am, but the temperature is perfect.  I quickly despatch Charlie II, 6a and I’m ready for Fridolin, 7b.  Fresh in my memory and full of beans, I get on it and fall off at the crux, but taking Chema’s beta from yesterday, I put an extender on the last draw to be able to clip it comfortably from the last good hold just above the last rest.  Which is what I do, along with the high right foot to make the small crimps and pull through the crux for the send – also my first Siuranenc 7b even though I sent 7b+ (Massets Abaix) in 2012.  Excellent climb and well recommended.  But I can’t talk Marc into it.  Maybe next time, tio?

We’re back down in Maspu by 1:30pm, just as it’s too hot to climb – And I still have the rest of the day…

Fridolin, 7b

5+   6a   7b   7b


Posted 2014/06/17 by allend66 in Grau Dels Masets, Rockclimbing, Siurana

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