2015-03 Mountaineering Course Level 2   Leave a comment

The mighty Centre Excursionista Maspujols, who recently ran a Level 1 course of Mountaineering, have now completed the second level with collaboration from Federation mountain guides.  I was lucky enough to sit in on a few theory sessions, and this looks to be great value.  Upon successful completion of the course, you’ll have a recognised qualification (and certificate) not to mention the all important knowledge in all areas of mountaineering.

Curso Montanyismo Nivel 2

Areas covered included rock, mixed and ice climbing, including tying different types of knots, placing nuts and cams & ice screws, setting up equalised anchors, and abseiling, off-piste skiing including avalanches, transceivers and probes, setting up belays in snow, roped-up trekking, map & compass reading, clothing and equipment, and lots more besides.

Curso Montanyismo Nivel 2

With 4 people per guide, the practical session in the beautiful Castellfollit (Poblet) proved to be a safe and controlled granite environment at lower altitude, before getting into a snowy environment at higher altitude in the pre Pyrenees.

Can’t wait for level 3…

For inscriptions, enquiries and memberships, go to http://cemaspujols.tinet.cat/


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