2015-03-08 Arbolí, Can Simiro Izquierda   Leave a comment

Can Simiro has some wonderful lines, and is a great spot for today.  Sunny (south facing) though a slight breeze makes for a pleasant day.  We had warmed up on a few lines in Can Mansa, and that’s where we left the ‘family’ group of climbers, but we all have projects to complete in Izquierda.  I wanted to send two nice lines from last trip, Agua De Fuego, 7a and No M’Enganyis Mes, 7a/+ (reportedly downgraded from 7a+).  I try Agua, remebering that I had different beta to Paco, and struggle up it remembering its idiosyncrasies.  Short crux section but pumpy.  I retry it but I wasn’t feeling it today.  Out of practice, and I had already bloodied up 3 fingers from Patxanca, 7a in Mansa.  I’m not sure if it’s so nice as to try it another day, now that I have been up it 4 times.

Anyway, the line next to it is very nice and well recommended – No M’Enganyis Mes, 7a+ is a wonderful technical route with some nice and not so logical climbing.  People tell me it has lots its ‘+’ but for me, I think it warrants the harder grade if at the far right midpoint you do not take the easy jugs that also serve for Agua.  But this seems to be the latest trend in and around Siurana – downgrading routes.  Anyway, whether it’s 7a or 7a+, it’s very nice, but I only have time and energy for one try.  I get past the crux, fall, then forget the traverse at the top.

2015-03-08 Arboli

Hope to be back here soon, to mop up the other 7s in this sector. 

6a+   7a   7a   7a   7a+

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