2015-05-17 Peak District, Stoney West & Goddard’s Quarry   Leave a comment

Stoney West should see a bit more traffic now it features in Gary Gibson’s new Peak Limestone North guidebook.  We warm up on A Timer & A Place, 6a and Voices, 6a+ and move on to worthwhile climbs Don’t Talk To Strangers, 6c and Perilscope, 6c+.  I still have a several more routes to do here until I’ve ticked everything, but for today we’re more or less done.

Whilst the lightweights slope off to the pub, Anthony & I have a look at a classic in the making: 15 Steps, 6c+ over at Goddard’s.  This easy-for-the-grade 28mtr line is new and though it’s still ‘bedding in’ – it’s a bit broken in the start section, it’s dirty in the lower third and dusty under the roof, the top is a joy.  This line will clean up pretty nice though we think… it just need plenty of people up it.  So come on people…

15 Steps

6a   6a+   6c   6c+   6c+


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