2015-05-19 Spain, La Mussara, Lo Raval   1 comment

Lo Raval, a large and currently unfashionable sector was first developed in 1989/90 by, among others, the legend Joan Chaparro.  With this sector now showing signs of its age, the Centre Excursionista Maspujols will shortly be undertaking a project to reequip the older lines here.

With this in mind we reconnoitre the sector with the intention of climbing and documenting the state of the in-situ protection.  The geography of its location though means it is more prone than most other Mussara sectors, to the occasional fog banks that sweep up the mountainside.  The current protection though is not Inox, so has heavily rusted over the years.  We just have time to climb one line, Rosa Encarnada, 5+ before rain completely soaks the rock and ends the day’s investigation.

In-Situ Protection

There are currently 13 lines designated for rebolting, and these range from 5+ to 7c+.  This might bring the sector back into fashion, although the tendency is for people to populate the easier to approach crags.  Lo Raval though has a slightly strenuous and long descent approach, and combined with the relatively few easy climbs on offer, visitors that come will probably be limited to "fanatics". 

Work is scheduled to begin in late summer.  This will be a nice project to get started, pending some formalities.  News as and when it happens.


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