2015-06-06 Llanberis, Dinorwig Slate Mines   1 comment

This weekend in the ‘ Pass celebrated Tradfest 2015, hosted by DMM, Climber magazine and others.  (“Why no Sportfest?” –Ed.) 

There were a couple of guest speakers including Liam Holding [sic], along with the usual stuff you get at festivals and meets.  So today we have a pleasing mix of bolts and non-bolts as we mix it up a bit in various sectors.

Starting in Australia Lower, Looning The Tube area, we warm up, a little hung over, on Sad Man Who’s Sain, VS 4c & U.B.L, VS 4b each of which have the cruxes protected with a couple of bolts (so it’s run out, but possible to do without any trad placings). 

Sad Man Who's Sane, VS 4c

It’s very windy here though (as we suspect everywhere) so we change sector – Never Never Land where we do the very nice 6a, Fresh Air

Fresh Air, 6a

It’s nice to climb with the sun on your back, but the wind is blowing too hard, and again we change sector: up to Serengeti.  On Peter Pan Wall there’s the self titled 6a+ with a cheeky crux to reach the lower off.  We head over to Seamstress Slab for the polished and popular classic Seamstress, VS 4c

Peter Pan, 6a+   Seamstress, VS 4c & Seams The Same, E1 5b   Seamstress, VS 4c

Again, the wind seems to be everywhere, so we try another change, Bus Stop Quarry.  We smash out Solstice, HVS 5b and Equinox, VS 4c both polished but worthwhile, and move back onto bolts.  I finish the day on the concentrated Wizz Bang, 6c+ but fail to send this mediocre line.

VS4c   VS4b   6a   6a+   VS4c   HVS5b   VS4c   6c+


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  1. I went to tradfest too mate, was a great weekend.

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