2015-10-21 Kalymnos, Sea Breeze   Leave a comment

First ones on the crag, but the crowds arrive shortly after.  Another popular crag, lots of quality and a nice easy walk in.  No wonder people flock here.  The limestone is fantastic.  The routes are nice and the grades are easy, so there’s no way it’s not going to be a popular crag. 

On the upper, left hand side of the crag, Pocket Wall.  We start with Slalom, 6a which is well worth doing.  There seems to be a loose chockstone half way up but attempted removal for safety reasons failed.  It’s loose, but not coming out soon.  Care should be taken though as the hefty rock would kill or mame.  Next up is Strats For Heroes, 5c not bad, but I bail on the 6b+ ExtensionRand Problem, 6b was very nice but the last 5mtrs was grassy and dirty, detracting somewhat from a rather nice technical and strenuous climb.  Changing up the style a little, Fakir, 6b is all slab, delicate and balancey, sharp and thin.  Not so nice.  So I move on to the very sharp (ouch! my fingers!) three star 36mtr Utopia Extension, 6b+.  Guidebook says three stars, Oracle says: 3 stars.  Recommended.  Though I’d question the route length, and not for the first time either.

2015-10-21 2 Sea Breeze

With more and more people arriving, we move right across the crag to the lower section, Main Left sector.  Knocking off four 3-star routes in quick succession is a nice end to the day – I could have climbed more but circumstances were against.  All the following routes are well worth seeking out: P’tit Loulou, 6b, Zoe, 6b, Babis, 6a+ and Psarokatastasi, 6a .  Another excellent sector.

6a   5c   6b   6b   6b+   6b   6b   6a+   6a


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