2016-03-20 Wales, Dinbren, Climb High Area   1 comment

I have a love-hate thing going on with Dinbren.  It’s pumpy and most climbs are generally hard to read, but there are some great lines here.  If a little short.  We warm up on the nice Traction Trauma, 6c+ and while Nick’s setting up a residency on Walking With Barrence, 7b, I convince my prótégé to get on Climb High, 7a.  Apparently, it’s got “the mother of all rock overs” (hmmm thanks for the beta, shitty Rockfax guide – there goes my onsight).  Feels more like the mother of all mantle shelves.

Surprisingly this is a 7a that is giving me difficulty.  Not being a big fan of (or particularly good at – Ed) rock overs, I try and do it without rocking over, instead first trying to take a three finger half-knuckle left hand undercling out left at ledge height, but failing to deliver on the necessary ninja moves after.  I try the rock over.  I try an intermediate rock over.  I try going right, straight up, a little left, nothing.  All result in Marc practising his dynamic belaying.

Climb High, 7a

Marc and Martin have a go, even a couple of trad shmoes fail on it, this is proving one tough climb.  The split from the joint start is nice, where the line forks, traversing up and right up to the ledge, but it feels too short and too much work for not much enjoyment.  It reminds me of eating prawns.  All that work, and so little meat.  After spending a day trying to send it, I doubt I’ll be back on it anytime soon.  Good fun though.

To finish off the day, I have a half-hearted play on Barrence, which I tried with Antoni back in the day.

6c+   7a   7a   7a   7b

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  1. Yeah men !!!! Come on to Siurana

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