2016-05-10 Quirós, Various   Leave a comment

With such a large amount of rock overlooking the refuge, we stay at Quirós and try out several sectors.  First up is the easy sector La Selva.  Both child-friendly and novice-climber friendly this, as it’s flat and spacious at the foot of the crag, and the climbing isn’t difficult.  A by-the-numbers Somos Peligrosos, 5+ was OK, It’s too easy though for this one and I’m itching and busting balls to move over to Astérix, which had been recommended by José

So to warm up properly for the 7a, Astérix, I onsight the lovely 6b to the left, Xareu

Xareu, 6b

A wonderful line, and the rock is super grippy (and sharp).  Though the 7a doesn’t look so good, and we decide to move sector again.  Over at Escalón, the boys recommend Escalón, 6a which we agree is a nice line.  It feels very trad-retro-bolted, and is worth seeking out.

Over at La Cubana, there’s a couple of routes I want to get ticked.  The rock here looks nice and it is nice when we get on Bombay, 6b and the route next to it that shares the same lower-off, Mundo Perdido, 6a+.  However the guidebook is once again confusing us.  There’s some confusion with what’s painted on the rock at the bottom of each line, and what’s in the book.  They simply don’t match up.  So probably better to trust the route name painted on the limestone.

Bombay, 6b

I get on the nice Estribos, 6b and then the easier climbs at the left hand end of sector: Lao, 6a+ and Tao, 6a – both of them being very sharp – enough to ruin a novice’s soft fingertips.

Back over to Escalón for a quick head scratch with the damn guidebook.  It’s too late for a 7a now, so I want to try La Salus, with a 6a variation just after the start.  Even the 6a move feels really hard, and I end up on the 5+ line to the right with no obvious route back.  It’s no problem, as the line El Tronco is very nice and 35mtrs long, and is just the right cool-down climb after a busy day.

Escalón sector is old – and the topo is typical of an old and big crag that has been developed.  There’s lines crossing lines, there’s lines with variant starts and variant finishes, the topo looks like a spider’s web.  Which wouldn’t be so bad if the information were correct.  Verdict: Nice climbing, avoid version 1 of the guidebook (which you can find cheap now that version 2 is out).

5+   6b   6a   6b   6a+   6b   6a+   6a   6a

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