2016-05-13 Teverga, La Deperadura   Leave a comment

New sector Deperadura looks good, both in the guide book and on the approach.  It looks small and insignificant simply because the wall it’s on is huge.  We start on some easy stuff: lines Hispano-Argentino, Entrecabras, & Solsolito are all 20mtr 5+ and very pleasant, nothing special, but neither are they a waste of time.  Then we get on the excellent 6a+, Esto Da Pa Mucho which is super nice.  A technical start and quality edges and jugs and pockets on super grippy rock all the way up.  If only it was longer.

Master Cuarenta, 6b+ was an interesting climb.  I think the way I did it (going left at the crux starting moves) felt more 6c, and Jim cruised it by going out right at the crux, so maybe I need to read lines better.  A good send for both of us though.  The 6b+ to the right of this line, Paisanos Motivaos was of similar quality (two star), but the best line by far was Variante De Calor #1, a 6b+ alternative start to the 7a I had been looking at.  I didn’t get chance to do the 7a however.  Recommended.

Variente De Calor #1, 6b+

After this wonderful line, we headed back up to Marabio, to Alimoches – the next sector along from Los Bloques.  This was a mistake – we should have stayed put.

5+  5+   5+   6a+   6b+   6b+   6b+   6b   7a


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