2016-05-14 Teverga, Muro Techo   Leave a comment

One final full day climbing before we head back up to the airport, and as it is forecast with medium probability of rain, we decide on Muro Techo, a steep and large wall protected somewhat by rain by the immense roof over the crag.  The approach isn’t very clear, we get lost, and end up bush-whacking through muddy trails used by farmers’ livestock.  Once we get to the crag though, we all have to do a tick check: we all have these little brown bugs on our clothes, that need removing before they burrow into your skin.  The guide book does warn of this possibility.  But once again, we have problems with the guide book, which is woefully out of date.  There has evidently been a lot of developing in this sector, and fortunately we meet a nice Swiss couple who share their 2nd edition with us.

So we start up the polished and hard for the grade Llagartu Verde, 6a – it is one of three lines that share an anchor – which means that stripping it is awkward as it is on the right hand side.  In the middle, Amugalu, 6b was easy to strip, but getting to the anchor though a different matter.  Not wanting to veer too far right toward the top (and thus go onto the 6a line), there was a harder-than-6b move.  The climbing very technical up to this point, and very enjoyable.

Llagartu Verde, 6a

More people arrive – it is a popular sector, which is plainly obvious on the super-polished and very pumpy Quebrantahuesos, 6b.  Every hold and every foothold is smooth and glassy.  This must be THE warmup climb, though we stop at the first half, only 18mtrs up.  A disappointing day.

6a   6b   6b


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