2016-05-24 England, Peak District, Harpur Hill   Leave a comment

I’ve tried several times too enjoy Harpur Hill, and each time I’ve only had marginal success.  It’s not pretty.  It’s windy, can be noisy and it’s chossy to the point of being dangerous.  Most of the routes are shite.  You can find some gems, but generally it ain’t so good.  Don’t let this blog put you off though, you might rock up there and love it.

We start our day at Cairn Sector, with The Misfits, 6a which was just another climb.  Sharing the anchor with the line to the right, Hissing Sid, 6b was a bouldery warmup – not the best, but it wasn’t a bad route, just not a great route to warm up on.  So then we mix it up with a little trad – Two Cave Gully, VS 4b was dirty and falling apart at the seams.  Honestly, routes here should have a “Keep Your Eyes Skyward At All Times!” warning for falling debris.

Kamikazi Klone, 6a+ over in Sumo Sector was uninspiring and hard.  So we move up to Prophecy Buttress – much better.  Gary put in a new line, Supernatural, 6a which I would agree – a 2 star route.  20mtrs long and the friction of the rock was superb.  Nice climbing, but a bad mean result for the day, a long way to come for not much.  A waste of petrol?

Supernatural, 6a

6a   6b   VS 4b   6a+   6a


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