2016-07-17 Spain, Siurana, Grau Masets Abaix   2 comments

So nice to be home.  The old stomping ground, so to speak.  Siurana well known the world over as a top climbing venue is dreadfully hot in summer, but we descend to the lower of the three Masets sectors just as shade is arriving at 4pm.  And even though young Paco is rocking version 2 of the definitive guide, today I’m testing a new app – Climb Around.  This digital guide for smart phones currently has topos for Siurana, Rodellar, Montserrat Nord, and Sant Llorenç De Munt, all available as separate downloads, and all free.  That’s right – Free.  Gratis.  Sin pagar.  Nada, zip, zilch.  The app’s still in beta, but I have all four sectors downloaded, occupying a paltry 195Mb of space.  So how does the app compare to the Brascó guide?

First impression is it looks nice, but is short of quite a few sectors.  It has the well known and important ones though.  Being a digital version too, it should get updates as and when new routes are bolted, depending on their update policy, of course. 

As for the climbing, we warm up on Aleva, 6b+  and get on to El Rey Del Atajo, 6c+ which feels a little dodgy with a tree nearby to some thin moves as you get off the ground.  Wouldn’t want to fall off into a branch.  And then we do the super thin No Ha Hi Pa Per Tant Xoriço, 7a next to it which was nice but we couldn’t flash it – too hot.  There’s some very thin dimples you have to pull off, with crap feet, and it’s just a little too warm.  Wandering down the crag, we see a project rope and some shiny new bolts to the right of No Pierdes El Maná, 7a – someone has been busy squeezing in a new route.  There’s also development at the end of the crag, towards Can Sumera / Can Maquis, but it’s so new that it isn’t in the Climb Around app.

I wanted to post a few app screenshots but the app seems to be protected (“Screenshot was not saved”), so you’ll just have to download it for yourselves – after all it’s free.  The app compares well to the book, though.  The website is in Spanish & Catalan, but my app is in English as per the ‘Device Default’ settings in preferences (well, everything except the sector information text, that still comes up in Spanish).  The app doesn’t seem to be finished yet either.  By that I mean that for each climb, there are 3 stars greyed out beneath each name, but you can’t vote for routes of quality – and I know Masets Abaix – there are some quality routes there.  In fact no sector has any starred routes.  I would like to see the number of quickdraws needed for each climb, as well as the grade and route length (which are both given), though this would be a lot of work to include.  The photo of the sector – taken with a Phantom drone, gives excellent topos.  You can zoom in to a certain extent, not much though.  GPS would be a nice addition too.  Thankfully though, there are no added adverts – let’s hope it stays like that.

We finish the day on Maná, a previous onsight, though this time we traverse left a little lower down than before.  Still a nice climb though.  Download the app, and go climb in Masets Abaix – it’s a grand sector.

6b+   6c+   7a   7a


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  1. Al lado de masets de baix està equipando Edu

    El dia 2 ag. 2016 7:22 p. m., “English Oracle II” va escriure:

    > allend66 posted: “So nice to be home. The old stomping ground, so to > speak. Siurana well known the world over as a top climbing venue is > dreadfully hot in summer, but we descend to the lower of the three Masets > sectors just as shade is arriving at 4pm. An” >

    Cel,Montse i Marc

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