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This is an online journal of my rockclimbing.  It’s both a personal record for me of what I climb, and a way of sharing information and photos with friends either in England or Spain.  This is English Oracle II – my first blog English Oracle, had to be abandoned after Google apparently lost some of my uploaded photos from earlier posts.

The Oracle is dead.  Long live the Oracle!

The first page contains my blogs/writings/witicisms of recent outings with some photos.  Full photo collections are linked on the left-hand side of the page to Picasa Web albums and Flikr Photostreams, or they’ll have their own space on the Photo Album page.

Crags or sectors are indicated in italic.  Route names coloured gold and in bold type.  At the foot of each post a summary of ascent grades: Onsight in green, Redpoint or flash in red, routes ‘worked’ in white.

On the page after this, I’ve included a grade conversion table nabbed from Rockfax that compares English trad grading to sport.

There’s also a page of topos that might be useful to somebody.  They are either photos of guidebooks I’ve stumbled upon, or homemade photos showing routes and gradings.

Finally, there’s a Spanish bit at the end so nobody feels alienated.

Happy reading, and I’ll see you out on the rock.

Off belay!




Posted 2011/03/30 by allend66

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