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2013-12-30 Ca La Sofia   Leave a comment

Preparation work today in Sofia for the upcoming Lligueta de Bulder de la IV Veguería.  This year we have one more club taking part, making 5 clubs in total, with access to problems limited to 3 days of 1 week only per club.  But time is short so today instead of Siurana (sigh, so many projects…) we’re sorting out routes.  Three roped lines outside, and 7 boulder problems inside.

2013-12-30 06 Ca La Sofia

Today we have the 3 roped lines ready.  I managed to send all three of them so they can’t be that difficult:

Blue, 5+                     Yellow, 6a+               Green, 6c+

Via de Cuerda 1, 5    Via de Cuerda 2, 6a    Via de Cuerda 3, 6c

The yellow has an unseen sit start to the right, which adds around 5 or 6 moves to the line.  The green route is climbed without the left hand arête.

Topos here.


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BOCS 2013, sort of…   Leave a comment



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Lliga De Boulder Intercentres de la IV Vegueria 2013   1 comment

“Inter-centre Bouldering League IV Vegueria 2013”

As part of our inauguration celebrations for the new 9mtr climbing wall, we’re organising a bouldering competition set over 5 centres:

Each club will have 10 boulder problems available to be tried over a two week period, in the above order, starting with Hospitalet Feb 18th – March 1st and ending with Tarragona April 15th – 26th.  More detail here, and subscriptions can be made on the FEEC site here.


Price is €8 or €10 depending if your FEEC federated (insured), and there’s a material lucky dip and prizes.  Places are limited.

** Closing date for inscriptions: 15th February **

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2012-06-17 BOCS III   Leave a comment

2012-06-17 098 BOCS   2012-06-17 062 BOCS   2012-06-17 167 BOCS

What a great competition this year.  The 3 facial expressions above give indication that the level was challenging, while the boulder problems were at the same time good fun.  We gave away lots of prizes, including a Gargola Dune training board, a Metolius Wood Grips training board, and a Mammut Galaxy 70mtr rope.  And all this from a free-to-enter competition!  Thanks too to big Antonio for donating El Pulpo for the prize draw – let’s see if Boulder Factory become an official sponsor next year!

The morning saw masters with afternoon for promotion, feminine and infant categories.  There were 10 different block problems to try and the 3 ‘duros’ from Edu giving the most challenge.

2012-06-17 097 BOCS   2012-06-17 130 BOCS   2012-06-17 190 BOCS

Until next year!…

Morning session photos (Masters)

Afternoon session photos (Promotion, Feminine & Infant)

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2012-06-07 BOCS III   Leave a comment

Route setting has now finished for the 3rd annual BOCS – THE bouldering event for those in the know.  This year, as last, one of the prizes on offer is this superb Dune training board from sponsor Gargola.  Don’t forget, it’s free to enter and space is limited.

dune   IMG_0776

Here are the details:

Here are some of last year’s photos.

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2012-05-22 BOCS Route-setting   1 comment

With less than a month to go for the 3rd annual Bloc Open Cala Sofia, Derek and chief assistant route setter Marc are trying the devious and cunning creations already mounted…

BOCS pruebas


Date: 17th June, 2012

Location: Ca La Sofia, Maspujols

Cost: Free if FEEC federated, 5€ otherwise

Information & Inscriptions: or

More news and updates to come… Meanwhile to whet your appetite, here are some of last year’s photos.

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2012-05-07 Ca La Sofia   Leave a comment

In spite of donning our agony-aunt cap, there was still plenty of time to put up some killer boulder problems in Ca La Sofia for the upcoming highlight of the bouldering competition calendar, BOCS III on June 17th.

2012-05-07 02 Ca La Sofia   2012-05-07 09 Ca La Sofia

Here’s Javier trying one of the problems:

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