bOU-CLOGs™ Climbing Shoes

These high-performance climbing shoes have all the features you would expect from a top-end boot with the added bonus of giving you an extra three inches reach, for those routes with that key hold just a little bit past full stretch…


Our Research & Development team have been working closely with quality European climbing shoe manufacturers to bring you a revolution in climbing.

Surprisingly nimble, these real leather uppers sport not three millimeters, but three inches of super sticky Vibram XS Grip™ rubber, with weight minimised by our patented honeycomb latticed “Brothel Creeper” technology™.

Or go pro with the “Brothel Creeper+“™ helium-filled lattice for extra spring in your step.

The prototypes are currently being tested on the crag.  More news to come…

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Posted 2016/04/12 by allend66

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