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bOU-SCOPe™ is an optical accessory to ease neck discomfort while belaying.

Where as other products currently on the market are designed for people who don’t wear glasses, with bOU-SCOPe™ U C at the crag with your own glasses on.  The device fits onto existing prescription glasses and affords vigilant belaying whilst maintaining the head at a comfortable angle, with the face facing straight forward.  As you’re not spending long periods of time looking up, neck discomfort is reduced and more pleasure can be taken from the joy that is rock-climbing.

Extensive field testing of bOU-SCOPe™ has already provided us with improvements to the device, and although the product is currently in ‘Research & Development’, enquiries or orders can be made to our sales team here.

Here’s our Quality Manager Derek beta testing recently:



Posted 2012/04/19 by allend66

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