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2013-02-04 Masriudoms   1 comment

It’s still gusting wind but with sun it isn’t bad.  Not good but a lot better than Saturday.  Cova D’en Marion in Masriudoms is where we are and because I have ATP, 7c worked any amount of times (& I don’t see it being sent any time soon), today I’m trying something new – Gollum, 7b+ which forks out right from ATP at the 3rd bolt.  I leave it at the 7th bolt, getting higher on the 2nd and third try, but well below the chain.  My project list seems to be growing longer every week.

Meanwhile, Javilongo is making good use of the hands-free knee bar on Domador De Amortiguadores, 7c,8a+

Domador De Amortiguadores, 7c,8a+

and Claudio tries Mili’s new 8a/+

Project, 8a/+

7b+   7b+   7b+


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2013-01-22 Masriudoms   Leave a comment

So all the time I was telling people I was working Gollum, turns out it was ATP, 7cGollum, 7b+ starts with the first 2 or 3 bolts and veers right.  Either way, a rose by any other name smells just as hard.  I give it a couple of tries today, with some new beta as Anton is going up to the 8a extension above it.  But I’m lesioned, don’t feel like it and my heart’s just not in it.

Meanwhile, Mili’s cleaning a new traverse put up a short while ago:

Project, 8a+?

7c   7c

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2012-10-17 Masriudoms, La Solana   Leave a comment

Gollum, 7c is still the object of my affections, and today I have 3 tries on it.  Javilongo nearly sends his 8a project..

7c   7c   7c

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2012-09-28 Masriudoms, La Solana   Leave a comment

I was feeling blue when I got up this morning, another day of cloud, cold and drizzle.  But the rain doesn’t really matter as much in Masriudoms as it does in other schools because of the overhang – the lines generally stay dry.  3 tries on my project Gollum, 7c and I’m learning the route nicely and getting better on it, but some dues still need to be paid.  After this to cool down I onsight the very dirty and crumbly newer line to the left of the easy ones.  It’s 6b+ but not recommended.  I was throwing down all sorts of dust, pebbles, rock breakages.  It also turned out to be dry, warm and very pleasant.

Gollum, 7c,8a

7c   7c   7c   6b+

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2012-09-14 Masriudoms, La Solana   Leave a comment

Not having the energy to fight the mighty Gollum, 7c, I instead onsight the first pitch of the nice Inhumana Al Forn, 6b+.  A little pumpy but great.  Javilongo is still working Sostres, 8a.

2012-09-14 12 La Solana   Inhumana Al Forn, 6b+


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2012-09-10 Masriudoms, La Solana   Leave a comment

Javilongo – the machine – is working his 8a project, so as a warm up he opens up Gollum, 7c for me to play on.  I give it 2 tries.  Then onto Buscando El Punto G, 7b for a finish in darkness.  Gollum is a great line, but needs some work.

Gollum, 7c   Gollum, 7c  

7c   7c   7b

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2012-09-03 Masriudoms, La Solana   Leave a comment

Only time to work the grand Gollum, 7c but with rests!  The heat makes the climbing difficult, we all seem to be chalking up after every hand hold.  Javier works Sostres, 8a.

Gollum, 7c   Gollum, 7c   Sostres, 8a


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